Monday, May 4, 2009

Apple May Launch Gaming Console Soon

Old saying “When there is smoke there is fire”  seems holding true for Apple , There are lot ofrumors  floating in the market regarding Apple diving deeper  into the gaming market and will be launching gaming consoles soon. The  rumors are very strong and videos  on youtube related to Apple gaming console have gained high popularity and are most sought after video’s on youtube.

Apple Gaming Console - IGame


Now with the latest news of Microsoft loosing Richard Teversham, Director European XBoxbusiness unit has added more heat to the discussion and rumors, He has joined Apple’s European unit for some “education related role”. Apple also hired Raja Conduri, Former AMD graphics chip CTO.

Hiring of executives related to gaming domain suggests that Apple is looking forward  for a share in the gaming market and “why not” Apple already has more than 9000 games for ipod and ipod touch which are highly popular among the users and there lot of space in the gaming market where apple can prove its presence.


Last Year ( May 2008 ) there were rumors that Apple has filed a patent for most advanced gaming controller  which is a 3D gaming controller for apple TV and can sense movement in X,Y,Z directions. It seems like Apple is targeting to build an advanced gaming system which wont have much of controllers and input will be mostly human movements addressing the complaints of parents and users of no physical activity while gaming.


Based on these past rumors and news it seems like Apple will soon be launching an innovative , advanced gaming system to capture big share of the gaming market and people will be lining up days to grab their Apple Gaming console.

Whats your guess? When would apple launch gaming console?

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