Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Indian Cricket Fan - Grab T20 merchandise exclusively from ebay

Ebay T20 merchandise
Seeing the huge popularity and success of IPL merchandise , Ebay India is also offering official licensed T20 merchandise. This presents an exclusive opportunity of Indian Cricket fans to grab various official products.

Ebay t20 merchandise

The merchandise includes all official licensed products like jerseys, crew neck t-shirts, kids jerseys, car flags, wrist bands and tattoos. The products are priced from Rs 25 to 895 and are available on The merchandise will be available from June 4 - 30. The merchandise is brought with an exclusive partnership with Genesis India.

Here is a sneak preview of the listing available via ebay

ICC T20 World Cup India Men’s Jersey - 100% Polyester, Moisture Absorption fabric with mesh on side panels @ Rs. 895/-
ICC T20 World Cup India Men’s Crew T-shirt - 100% Cotton fabric @ Rs. 595/-
ICC T20 World Cup India Cap -100% Cotton Twill fabric @ Rs. 395/-
ICC T20 World Cup India Fan Cape/Banner -100% Polyester @ Rs. 195/-
ICC T20 World Cup India Car Flag -00% Polyester, can be used on Car Windows as well as a hand flag @ Rs. 195
ICC T20 World Cup India Wrist Band @ Rs. 50/-
ICC T20 World Cup India Tatoo pair -Non Toxic, easy to apply and easy to remove @ Rs. 25/-

Now its time to Cheer for India with official merchandise.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

IBM to offer remote mentoring to IIIT-Hyderabad students - Making Smarter India

IBM making smarter India
IBM will be launching a remote mentor-ship program in IIIT Hydrebad. Its a part of Smarter Planet initiative taken by IBM under which IBM’s vision is to bring a new level of intelligence in the world.It improves how every person, business, organization, government, natural system, and man-made system interacts. As per IBM there is a chance to do everything in a better,efficient and a more productive way and as the planet gets smarter ,chances of opening up new meaningful possibilities progress.

In this program IBM and IIIT-Hyderabad will try to involve students in various technology projects which will help them in broadening their horizon and perspectives. The projects will be mainly inclined towards application of Information Technology for the society. These projects will be helpful both for the students and the society.

According to Mr Jai Menon, Vice-President of Technical Strategy, IBM Corporation "The projects will be crucial for IBM as well as providing solutions to real world problems".

Smarter Planet initiative by IBM is a way to work towards future applications . Since Internet has grown and has shrunk the world to a small place IBM thinks that its time to work smarter. That means tackling problems "like wasting too much energy, like spending too much time in traffic, like producing food too expensively and wasting too much of what we produce." All of these issues can be solved with the help of smarter user of technology and brains.

IBM has been working for many years to create a smarter world and has already decongested Stockholm, improved water management in Brazil. It has also partnered with Google for smarter electronic storage of health record.

Now its time to see how IIIT-H and IBM make a smarter India.

Blippr - review service using twitter

Cashing on the success of Twitter, a service named Blippr has been launched by Mashable using which users can do a quick review of various products/services like movies,games,books,applications etc. The service is very simple to use and users don't need to go through the lengthy registration process and can login using their existing Facebook,Google,Twitter,Openid or Yahoo accounts making this service rolling faster.

All of us purchase various products and services but nobody wants to fill a lengthy review form over some website, this service can come very handy as users can do a quick review and mark the product under "Love it ,Like it,Dislike it and Hate it" categories with a click of a button and can also do a quick comment of 160 chars ( limit set by twitter ). This service can also be used on the move using mobile phones and internet enabled devices, Iphone is also supported by Blippr.

For a person to decide about purchasing a product what counts more is the number of reviews and not the length of the review. As for a product having only 4-5 reviews may not sound realistic and these reviews may be driven by the product company itself. But if a product has thousand of reviews that will sound more realistic and users can count on them and base their decision on them.

All together Blippr is a great and fast review service which can help people review more and more products quickly and easily. It will also help people making fast and informed decisions about a product.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Google launches Chrome for Linux & Mac - Don't dare use it, google says

Google Chrome Still Awaited for Linux and Mac
Google has launched Chrome for Linux and Mac but it warns users not to use it as it is very unstable and incomplete as of now. Chrome for Linux,Mac has been launched primarily for developers so that they can test,enhance and fix Chrome ,helping Google in releasing the public version of Chrome fast to general users. Even simple features like printing,changing privacy settings,you tube videos ,flash plug-ins are not functional in this version.There are more than 450 bugs in queue to be solved and many of them are high priority bugs which developers are working on, which can otherwise lead to frequent crashes in the system.

Chrome for Linux,Mac is based on an opensource product called Chromium which is available to the users for a while.Chromium is also not a release version as it has many bugs which need to be fixed before making an alpha launch. They also dont support flash and many other features which a browser is expected to have by default.Google Chrome is just a re-branding of Chromium having all the bugs and missing features Chromium and much work need to be done before launching Chrome for Linux and Macs.

It seems a ray of hope to many folks waiting desperately for the Linux and Mac versions but the stable release is still far away as it is just the first step of Google product life cycle ( launching developer version -> beta version ->stable version ).

But as we all are aware that Beta versions of Google are far better than competing Alpha products and we can hope the day is near.