Monday, June 8, 2009

Google launches Chrome for Linux & Mac - Don't dare use it, google says

Google Chrome Still Awaited for Linux and Mac
Google has launched Chrome for Linux and Mac but it warns users not to use it as it is very unstable and incomplete as of now. Chrome for Linux,Mac has been launched primarily for developers so that they can test,enhance and fix Chrome ,helping Google in releasing the public version of Chrome fast to general users. Even simple features like printing,changing privacy settings,you tube videos ,flash plug-ins are not functional in this version.There are more than 450 bugs in queue to be solved and many of them are high priority bugs which developers are working on, which can otherwise lead to frequent crashes in the system.

Chrome for Linux,Mac is based on an opensource product called Chromium which is available to the users for a while.Chromium is also not a release version as it has many bugs which need to be fixed before making an alpha launch. They also dont support flash and many other features which a browser is expected to have by default.Google Chrome is just a re-branding of Chromium having all the bugs and missing features Chromium and much work need to be done before launching Chrome for Linux and Macs.

It seems a ray of hope to many folks waiting desperately for the Linux and Mac versions but the stable release is still far away as it is just the first step of Google product life cycle ( launching developer version -> beta version ->stable version ).

But as we all are aware that Beta versions of Google are far better than competing Alpha products and we can hope the day is near.

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