Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blippr - review service using twitter

Cashing on the success of Twitter, a service named Blippr has been launched by Mashable using which users can do a quick review of various products/services like movies,games,books,applications etc. The service is very simple to use and users don't need to go through the lengthy registration process and can login using their existing Facebook,Google,Twitter,Openid or Yahoo accounts making this service rolling faster.

All of us purchase various products and services but nobody wants to fill a lengthy review form over some website, this service can come very handy as users can do a quick review and mark the product under "Love it ,Like it,Dislike it and Hate it" categories with a click of a button and can also do a quick comment of 160 chars ( limit set by twitter ). This service can also be used on the move using mobile phones and internet enabled devices, Iphone is also supported by Blippr.

For a person to decide about purchasing a product what counts more is the number of reviews and not the length of the review. As for a product having only 4-5 reviews may not sound realistic and these reviews may be driven by the product company itself. But if a product has thousand of reviews that will sound more realistic and users can count on them and base their decision on them.

All together Blippr is a great and fast review service which can help people review more and more products quickly and easily. It will also help people making fast and informed decisions about a product.

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