Monday, April 20, 2009

Android - Will it kick the age of Smarter Phones and intelligent devices

Android - 'Having human like features' is the next gen open source Operating System , Middleware and Application Framework from GOOGLE which is based on Linux 2.6 and can be ported to run on any memory and processor constrained device like Mobile phones , Small gaming systems etc.

It is gaining momentum as it is open source and based on Linux which has grown and had proven its potential with time and is giving tough time to Microsoft Windows ( All time leader in Desktop OS ) .

Benefits for Device Manufactures:
Following are some of the benefits that device manufactures ( eg Motorola, Samsung , Nokia , TMobile to name a few ) will have :
1. No or very less cost for system software for Mobile and will help in reducing costs.
2. More stable platform so the users will be happy to adopt phone and users concern will only be Hardware and services it provides, Today many people base their decision on the stability of the software.
3. Wider support from development community ( world wide and many working almost on no cost ).
4. Less customer maintenance cost - As the device is based on framework available widely users can upgrade the system themselves and don't have to ping the manufacturer/ service provider back and can save couple of $'s which would have been used for customer service etc.

Benefits for Developers:
It's a big hit among the developer community as it has numerous benefits for the application developers
1. First and most important , Earlier than this developers have to build an application for various platforms like Symbian , Java , Iphone etc and this tool large amount of time and money and constrained the developer limits.
2. Developers can be sure that the system they are working on is stable and has a huge community support.

Benefits to End Users:
1. Stable system - Have to worry less about the bugs , software issues as the software has been tested thoroughly.
2. Less cost to end users as the Manufacturer doesnt have to pay licensing fees etc.
3. Support from wide community of developers.
4. Frequent and Low costs applications that can help in day to day activities.

In all Android can churn the next revolution and is a win win situation for all.

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